Michael Eldridge says...

"My favorite thing about Steve's classes is that I learned independence and how to embrace discomfort as a growing artist/photographer it helped me overcome my fears and channel myself into my work. I believe anyone who is passionate can relate to that."

Sandra Kirwin says...

"The quality I admire most about Steve Anderson as a teacher, is his ability to meet students where they’re at, not only with photography, but equipment and life skills. Not only did my work as a photographer improve but so did my understanding of photography, as an artist and craftsperson. "

Eric Weaver says...

"I’ve taken two online classes with Steve, and both times I’ve walked away with more knowledge than I could have anticipated. His experience, passion, understanding and patience are immeasurable. He has an ability to make the online learning platform feel like a bonus instead of second best to in-person classes."

Topic Specific.

Step-by-Step instruction.

One to One coaching when you want it.

I am a teacher.

A certified CANON Master Instructor since 2018.

I've been teaching college level photography for 13 years and shooting for over 30 years.

You'll get the best of my two careers.

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